Louisiana swamp photo prints

a little piece of Louisiana’s magic

…to call your own

I am passionate and dedicated to capturing moments in my clients’ lives--whether through documenting a normal day in a family's life, photographing a couple's wedding day, or creating a captivating portrait for interesting people in all walks of life. However, my love for photography started many years ago while traveling all over Australia and New Zealand. The landscapes and wildlife I saw there were so vastly different to anything I had ever seen before, that I felt the powerful urge to capture my experiences in images.

Several years later, life took me to a whole different place on this planet, and I ended up moving from Belgium to New Orleans, Louisiana.


Working as a wedding and family photographer in this wonderful city connects me with the people who live here, and, being surrounded by the great sense of hospitality and community that is New Orleans’ specialty, it quickly became home for me.

When I am not in the city, you can often find me navigating the swamps of Louisiana in a kayak. My love for the outdoors, reptiles, and birds--in addition to my long-term passion for photography--all come together while I am working as tour guide and exploring for Wild Louisiana Tours.


Since mid-2017, I have been fortunate enough to be able to visit and document Manchac Swamp and the Atchafalaya Basin multiple times, capturing the Louisiana bayous and their breathtaking scenery in all their glory. Nowhere else on earth is quite like the bayous of Louisiana, with their elegant cypress trees, unique wildlife, and the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets you'll ever see. When I am navigating her mysterious waters, Louisiana speaks to me in a way that fills me with peace, while reminding me that I may never fully understand her secrets--although that doesn't mean that I will ever stop trying.

The store is LIVE right now and you can order prints and have them delivered to your house if you live in the USA or Canada. If you are interested in prints and you are in a different part of the world, please contact me so I can make sure to send you some of this Louisiana magic, wherever you are.

New images will be added regularly so come back again to check out the latest additions to my portfolio.