Better family photos with your smartphone

Better family photos with your smartphone


Come join us for a fun, hands on workshop on how to take better photos every day of your family. Those every day moments with hands full of candy, messy faces, smudged clothes, dirty feet, the biggest laughs, tightest cuddles, sleepy babies at the end of a play date. All those undirected moments are real life and will soon make great memories.

Julie Verlinden is a documentary style photographer, and will teach you how to document more real life moments with the camera you almost always have in your hand.

We will talk about some techniques to take better photos with your smartphone, editing, keeping the photos safe and printing.

Participants will receive 10% discount on purchases at Cookie Dough Bliss on the day of the workshop.

Saturday July 13


Cookie Dough Bliss
241 W. Harrison Ave

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